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Branding: More Than Just Your Logo Design | Sara Nagy Design

By October 3, 2018 September 9th, 2019 One Comment

Branding. When you see or hear the word branding, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For 95% of you, I’m willing to bet that logo was the first thing to jump out. And while you’re not wrong, a brand is so much more than that.

What is Branding?

Summed up into a neat little package, branding is the culmination of all activities related to the projection and perception of your brand. Sounds fancy, right? Really it’s quite simple. What you do and how you do it are the biggest influences on your business branding. From the tone of your writing to the visual aesthetics and design of your logo and marketing pieces and everything in between.

What Are The Benefits of A Strong Brand Presence?

By keeping your brand authentic, relevant and consistent, you too can reap the benefits of a strong brand presence, including:

  • Increased customer recognition and loyalty
  • Higher perceived value and the ability to charge more for your product or service
  • Strong internal and external branding helps recruitment and lowers employee turnover
  • Creates esteem and trust within your demographics base

Brands Evoke Feelings & Action

It may sound silly, but everything related to your brand should contribute to the overall objective and core values of your company. If your business is a spa looking to inspire relaxation, all of your communications and branding efforts should be reflective of that and embody a warm, soft and friendly look and feel.

On the contrary, if you’re a charity looking to empower immediate action from your audience, your colours and tone will be stronger, your message will use action-oriented language and be accompanied by bold and powerful graphics related to your cause.

How Design Influences Your Brand

As you were reading the example above, I hope you thought about design and how much of a role it can play in your company’s brand efforts. Perception is everything. The colours used in your logo design, the signage outside of your store and the overall look and feel of your website each have the ability to make or break the way your company is viewed by your target audience.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a company that’s been in business for 30 years and simply looking for a refresh, I’ve put together a checklist that will help to align your design efforts with your overall brand strategy.