Given the enhanced communications of the 21st century, we have to wonder: Do we still need business cards? Is this long-standing tradition of business slowly fading away?

I went to visit my grandparentโ€™s house the other day for dinner and as we were chatting, we realized that we had a common, unexpected mutual friend. As we made this connection, my grandfather spoke about the man and said he had done some home renovations for them approximately 5 years ago. He walked to his office to grab some old business cards to see if he still had one from the man we both knew. To my surprise, and personal enjoyment, he showed me a stack of cards that was roughly 5 inches thick. We went through them and sure enough, found the contact information from the person who worked on their kitchen over 5 years ago.

As someone who has grown up with technology and information always existing at my fingertips, I found it so funny to think that people actually still hold on to business cards. It seemed so strange to me that rather than doing a simple google search, this was my grandfatherโ€™s first thought. I then considered the importance of business cards themselves and their purpose.

Business card design: yes or no?

Your business card is what you leave behind. It represents your brand and actually serves the important purpose of communicating what you value. If your card is flawless and high quality, people tend to notice. It becomes your chance to say look: โ€œI am creative and I value quality workโ€.

As I searched through that stack of business cards and reflected on graphic design that had been completed over the past 15-20 years, I immediately recognized the value of a quality card. I also, unfortunately, recognized the poor quality of some cards and judged a little bit. This relates to my post: 6 reasons why you should invest in design. It matters. And it could be around for longer than you think.

Networking. Networking. Networking.

Aside from the impression that your business card provides, the actual function is still quite relevant. The purpose is networking. It provides a convenient, reliable method for direct communication between you and your client. They can help to build your network and typically are easier to count on than someone remembering your email address or phone number. They provide a visual connection to who you are and what you do. This should not be underestimated. Business cards are effective tools and should be utilized. You may not need 10,000 of them but having one on hand can be very beneficial.

If you are looking for resources to make amazing cards, https://www.vistaprint.com/ is a pretty good place to start.

Business Card Checklist